Drama Camp Music Director Announced

Music Director Named for Drama Camp 2020

The Pinewood Players Drama Camp Steering Committee is proud to announce that Sandra Dyke has accepted the position of Music Director for Drama Camp 2020.

Sandra determined at an early age that music would be an important factor in her life. Her first vocal solo at age 12 sealed the deal. She pursued her music career and earned a degree in Voice and Music Education from the University of Louisville. Sandra lived her commitment to music as a junior high choir director for 27 years before moving into administration and later serving as a school principal. She also shared her talent and love of music throughout her life volunteering as a church choir director and youth handbell director in several Phoenix area churches. She has directed annual musicals and cantatas including an adaptation of “The Wizard of OZ,” “Amahl and the Night Visitors” and “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.”

Since her retirement Sandra has become a regular on the Pinewood Playhouse stage in recent years including her portrayal of Sammy Jo in “Southern Fried Funeral” in 2018 and her brilliant performance as Claire in last season’s “A Delicate Balance.” She also found time to perform in the Pinewood Country Club’s Mystery Dinner Theater last June.

We cannot wait to experience her collaboration with award winning children’s theater director Dale Nakagawa on next year’s block buster Drama Camp production, to be announced very soon.

Please join us in welcoming Sandra to our Drama Camp 2020 staff. This is shaping up to be an exceptional season. And why not? We will celebrate the 30th anniversary of Pinewood Players and the 19th consecutive year of our Drama Camp tradition. We expect this to be a season to remember!

If you have children or grandchildren between the ages of 7 and 18 please enable and encourage them to participate in this landmark camp and production. A professional award winning director coupled with a professional music director in a real theater venue with professional sound and lighting systems and theater seating will be an experience of a lifetime for your child or grandchild. Don’t let this opportunity escape! Give them the memory of a lifetime! Pre-registration information will be sent out soon! Sign up to insure a spot for your child or grandchild!

2020 Drama Camp Plans Announced

Award Winning Director Dale Nakagawa Named to Direct Camp

Pinewood Players is continuing their 18 year tradition of providing opportunities for the youth of the community to learn about and participate in live theater in a real theater venue with professional grade sound, lighting, experienced support staff and outstanding staging capabilities. Add professional directing and a blockbuster production to the mix and it becomes a guaranteed formula for a unique and rewarding experience for our campers.
The 2020 Pinewood Players Drama Camp represents the 19th consecutive year of service to the youth community of Munds Park. It is scheduled to begin on June 24 and will run through July 12 with performances on July 10, 11 and 12. The production title will be announced as soon as licensing agreements are finalized.

Pinewood Players is excited to announce that award winning children’s theater director Dale Nakagawa of the Greasepaint Children’s Theater in Scottsdale, Arizona will direct the Pinewood Players Drama Camp in 2020. Dale has a long resume of children’s theater directing credits and accomplishments including “Alice in Wonderland Jr” for which he won the National Youth Arts Award for Outstanding Directing. His productions of “Little Shop of Horrors” and “Seussical” were also nominated for the National Youth Arts Award for Outstanding Directing and for Outstanding Overall Production. Dale’s directing and choreography credits are too numerous to mention but some of his other children’s theater works include “Beauty and the Beast,” “Oliver” and “You’re a Good Man, Charley Brown.” In addition to his work at the Greasepaint Children’s Theater, Dale has directed and choreographed productions in the valley for Desert Foothills Youth TheaterEast Valley Children’s TheaterScottsdale Community Players and Fountain Hills Community Theater. His resume comprises many other productions in California, Oregon and Hawaii as well as Arizona. Munds Park residents will remember Dale from his Pinewood Players Drama Camp production of “Wipe Out” in 2017 and his unforgettable production of “Fiddler on the Roof Jr.” in 2018.
In the 2020 season Pinewood Players will be celebrating their 30th anniversary of entertaining the Munds Park community with live theater performances and providing opportunities to participate in and learn about various aspects of live theater. The Pinewood Players Drama Camp is a long-standing tradition in the community recognized for providing these opportunities to the youth of the community in an environment of fun and camaraderie that builds life-long friendships and an appreciation for the performing arts. Pinewood Players also awards scholarships annually to deserving students who have attended at least two Pinewood Players Drama Camps and meet the academic and other program criteria.

Pinewood Players drama camps are open to all kids in the community ages 7 through 18. The Pinewood Players Drama Camp Steering Committee will be sending information to Pinewood Players members and previous drama camp participants during the winter regarding next summer’s camp.  Information and registration forms will also be available to download from the Pinewood Players web site at www.pinewoodplayers.com once the 2020 forms are released.

The 2020 Pinewood Players Drama Camp will be a very unique opportunity for the youth of Munds Park to experience professional direction in a true theater venue providing an unequaled opportunity for kids to have fun and build friendships while they are learning about the performing arts. If you have kids or grand kids who would enjoy a summer camp experience, meeting new friends and having fun learning about the performing arts, please encourage their participation. Some of our former campers have called their drama camp experiences “life changing.” Stay tuned for information updates and for the big announcement of the production title very soon.

“Wrap Party” Wraps It Up

Pinewood Players Close Out the 2019 Season

with Gala “It’s a Wrap” Celebration

The successful 2019 season of “Theater in the Pines” received a rousing send off on Thursday evening, August 29 with the traditional season ending “It’s a Wrap” celebration. The event was attended by over 70 exuberant party goers in the Showroom at the Pinewood Country Club. All Pinewood Players members were invited to attend and the turnout was the one of the largest in recent memory.  The theme this year was “Hat’s Off to Pinewood Players.” The annual event signals the close of another successful season and is Pinewood Players way of thanking and recognizing all those who contributed. Food, libations and entertainment were the fare of the evening and a fun time was had by all as can be seen in the photos below!

Cast set for “Dashing Through the Snow”

Pinewood Players Unveils Cast for “Dashing Through the Snow”

 Pinewood Players will present the zany comedy “Dashing Through the Snow” by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope and Jamie Wooten on June 12, 13, 14 and June 19, 20 and 21 next summer. The delightful comedy which is set in the tiny town of Tinsel, TX boasts a large cast of 17 characters and is divided into four vignettes which will each be directed by a different director.  The cast will consist of six first time actors and ten veterans of the Pinewood Playhouse stage with one actor doing an offstage “voice over” in addition to her onstage role. The directors and cast members are listed below. Mark your calendar and watch for the opening of online ticket sales on our web site www.pinewoodplayers.com in March. You will not want to miss this one!

Directors (alphabetically) 

Terry Brown
Betsy Froderman
Pam Solace
Elyse Webber

Cast (alphabetically)

Gina Burton (Della)
Joe Burton (Hoyt)
Brian Cantrell (Raynerd)
Chelsea Cantrell (Honey Raye)
Claire Dishlip (Paulette)
Sandy Dyke (Cuddles)
Tim Forsythe (Boykin)
Andy Harper (Ennis)
Jayne Heckman (Trina)
Tracy Hemstreet (Lenora)
Win Holden (Ainsley)
Sandy Kyle (Frankie)
Marsha Propps (Donna Jo)
Cathy Rasmussen (Lou Ida) (Rhonda Lynn)
Scott Sustman (Binky)
Kathy Vogt (Twink)

Pinewood Players Mission

Original Pinewood Theater Group Provides Unique Cultural Opportunities for the Community

Pinewood Players is a non-profit organization committed to the goal of increasing exposure to the performing arts in the community by presenting plays, sponsoring workshops, Youth Theater, Reader’s Theater and providing multiple opportunities for the community to learn about and participate in various aspects of live theater.

Pinewood Players membership is open to the public meaning that everyone in the Munds Park community is invited and welcomed into our membership. Membership dues are $10 per year for singles and $18 per year for families.  You do not have to act to be a part of this friendly group of folks and participate in the fun and camaraderie.

Pinewood Players performances are open to everyone in the Munds Park community and surrounding areas. We welcome everyone to experience the ambiance of the Pinewood Playhouse and to enjoy the incredible productions of our amateur theater group (amateur only because our casts and crews are volunteers, not paid performers).The quality of Pinewood Players productions and the theater experience equals and in most cases surpasses what can be experienced in amateur theater across northern Arizona and even in many valley venues.

Pinewood Players has a long standing tradition of providing opportunities for the youth of the community to learn about the performing arts by participating in drama camps that are open to the entire community. All youngsters between the ages of 7 and 18 are invited and encouraged to participate. No child has ever been turned away from a Pinewood Players Drama Camp. Given the Pinewood Playhouse venue, access to professional equipment, experienced support staff and abundant staging resources provided by the organization, the Pinewood Players Drama Camp experience exceeds any and all opportunities for the youth theater experience available in the community. As an added bonus, participants in two or more Pinewood Players Drama Camps become eligible for the Pinewood Players Scholarship Program which awards $2000 scholarships to up to two deserving students each year who have ties to the Munds Park community and meet academic and other program requirements regardless of their choice of higher education focus.

Pinewood Players provides a venue in the Pinewood Playhouse that is unmatched in the community and outlying areas. Theater seating and professional lighting and sound systems provide a complete theater experience making the Pinewood Playhouse an unequaled facility and a unique asset to the Munds Park community. If you are new to the community or have just never taken the time to visit the Playhouse, Pinewood Players will be offering open house theater tours, ice cream, cake and free entertainment monthly next season to celebrate our 30th anniversary. Plan to join us! Dates and times will be announced so stay tuned.

We encourage everyone to experience the original Pinewood theater group, Pinewood Players next season and join us in the celebration of our 30th continuous season of providing entertainment and cultural opportunities to the community. Visit our web site at www.pinewoodplayers.com for more information.

Retrospective: Theater in the Pines 2019

Retrospective: Theater in the Pines 2019

Best practices dictate that once a project is completed, one should look back and assess the outcome. What was done well, what things could use some improvement, and to determine what lessons can be learned from the experiences to be applied to future endeavors. So in that spirit I will recap some of the highlights of what I believe was learned from our 2019 season of Theater in the Pines.

We have learned that our audiences really enjoy a good “Who Done It” and we will incorporate more of this type of entertainment into our repertoire and make it available to more people.  (Mystery Dinner Theater)

We have validated that expert direction and outstanding acting by a veteran, stellar cast results in a highly successful stage production enjoyed by our audiences.  (Cahoots)

We have confirmed that kids have amazing inherent talents and given guidance, direction and generous resources they can do incredibly amazing things on stage. (Annie JR, Pinewood Players Drama Camp)

We learned that given the opportunity, many more folks than we may have imagined have a desire to step up and perform for their friends and neighbors as evidenced by all the new faces on stage this season. We also established that the friends and neighbors never tire of seeing them perform. (Reader’s Theater, “Cabaret Nights”)

We’ve learned that drama doesn’t only happen at the annual membership meetings. Pinewood Players can also do a darn fine job of presenting it on the Pinewood Playhouse stage! Add a lavish set and exceptional acting by a dedicated cast and voila, a one of kind theatrical event can be created. (A Delicate Balance)

We have learned that our members and audiences are generous, giving people who will rise to the occasion for a worthwhile cause. (2019 Pinewood Players Scholarship Program Fund Raisers)

We have reaffirmed that we have some of the most gifted and unselfish people on earth in our membership for which we are truly fortunate and so grateful. (All of our volunteers: actors, stage managers, light and sound operators,  set builders, set painters and dressers, ushers, housekeepers and maintenance, ticket sellers, drama camp workers, all committee chairpersons and committee members, board of directors and a host of other supporters who contribute to the success of this organization)

And finally, we confirmed that Munds Park audiences are loyal and sophisticated and that they can enjoy an occasional change of pace. You came out to support our productions even though this season’s plays were a departure from the usual lighthearted fare traditionally seen on the Pinewood Playhouse stage. We thank you for your support and for your loyalty.

Yes, in retrospect we learned some valuable lessons from the 2019 Theater in the Pines season. We will take this learning forward into our 30th Anniversary year to make our next season the best it can be with special stage productions, our traditional drama camp for the youngsters and special 30th anniversary celebratory events for the entire community. We’ll look forward to seeing you at all of our 2020 events!

Plans for 30th Anniversary Season

Pinewood Players Unveils Plans for 30th Anniversary Season

The 2020 season of Theater in the Pines will mark the 30th Anniversary of Pinewood Players. A very special line up of events and productions are planned to commemorate the anniversary season.  Here is an overview of the 30th Anniversary season plans.

The season will begin with a Mystery Theater event in early June. Ice cream and cake socials on the Pinewood Playhouse patio which will include theater tours and special free entertainment in the theater are planned monthly throughout the celebratory season. A June production is also on the calendar. The delightful comedy “Dashing through the Snow” by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope and Jamie Wooten will be performed in mid-June bringing Christmas in June to the Pinewood Playhouse stage. Pinewood Players traditional Drama Camp for the youngsters will begin in late June with performances in mid-July. July will also host our traditional and ever popular Reader’s Theater “Cabaret Nights” events later in the month.

August will bring a very special 30th Anniversary production to the Pinewood Playhouse stage. ”The Pinewood Follies“ a multi-act review of entertaining song, dance and comedy routines will be produced by Linda Sustman. Linda and husband Scott have been involved in the production of “The Walden Follies,” a similar type production which has been performed annually in Texas for a number of years. Linda and Scott will bring their expertise in producing such events to the Pinewood Playhouse stage to celebrate our special season. Even the General Membership Meetings will take on festive themes. And of course, a very special season ending “It’s a Wrap Party” celebration is being planned to close out the season-long festivities.

More details, specific dates and additional information about Pinewood Players 30th Anniversary events will be announced over the next several weeks as all plans are finalized. Watch for announcements in The Pinewood News, on our web site at www.pinewoodplayers.com, in special emails to our members and in Pinewood Country Club emails. Mark your calendar and plan to participate in Pinewood Players gala season long celebration of their 30th year of continuous entertainment and theatrical excellence.

Pinewood Players is a non-profit organization bringing cultural opportunities to the entire community by performing plays and sponsoring drama camps for young people and other events designed to encourage participation in the performing arts. Membership and performances are open to the public. In addition to plays and other events the Pinewood Players sponsors a Scholarship Program that awards $2000 scholarships annually to up to two deserving students with ties to Munds Park who meet the academic, leadership and other program criteria.  For more information visit our web site at www.pinewoodplayers.com.

Call for Volunteers

Pinewood Players is an organization of volunteers. We depend on our members for support of all the critical functions that are required for successful operation of the organization and it’s events. Currently, Pinewood Players is in need of assistance to staff two critical functions, Ticketing and Scholarship. Both functions require limited time commitments, only about 2 hours of your time for a few times during the season. The ticketing positions do require some training which the Ticketing Committee will provide. Pinewood Players membership has already exceeded 200 enthusiastic members so far this season. From our membership pool we need about 3 or 4 more volunteers for our ticketing operation and about the same number to help with our scholarship fund raising activities.

Pinewood Players needs your help to staff these positions. If you can donate a couple of hours of your time a few times between now and August 17, please contact one of the people listed below to volunteer. We think you will enjoy meeting new people and working in an atmosphere of friendship and camaraderie while doing something important for your local Pinewood theater group and the community. We guarantee it will be a rewarding experience!

Jim Junker, Ticket & Box Office Chairperson: email: jjunker2@cox.net
Kassie Walters, Scholarship Chairperson: email kabdwalters@cox.net
Lori Prescott, Vice-President in charge of volunteers: loripresecott@yahoo.com or phone: (602) 390-2648

You may also call our Ticket Hot Line at (928)300-0481 and leave a message with your contact information.

Pinewood Players needs you!