2019 Bylaw Amendment Proposal

Pinewood Players Special Notification – Bylaw Amendments

In November 2018 the Pinewood Players Board of Directors commissioned a committee to review the organization’s bylaws for the purpose of proposing clarifications and changes to update the document and bring it up to current organizational standards and relevance. The committee completed it’s task and presented a proposal for amending the document in the April 6, 2019 Board of Directors meeting. The Board voted unanimously to approve the committee’s proposal to update the bylaws document and to proceed to the next step to have the changes approved by the General Membership of Pinewood Players pursuant to Article X. Adoption and Amendment of the Pinewood Players Bylaws which states:

“These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present at any General Membership Meeting provided notice has been given in advance. This notice to members may be at a previous meeting, with written or oral communication, not less than 30 days prior to the meeting.”

In accordance with this requirement the Pinewood Players Board of Directors is notifying the members of record as of May 13 in writing on this date, May 15, 2019, that a vote to amend the bylaws will take place during the General Members Meeting scheduled to be held on June 22, 2019 in the Pinewood Country Club at 10:00 am. CLICK HERE to view the document indicating the proposed changes. The Board recommends approval of all of the proposed changes.

We will look forward to your attendance at the June 22, 2019 General Membership Meeting and to your vote to approve the proposed amendments to the Pinewood Players Bylaws.

Thank you,
Pinewood Players Board of Directors

The Director’s Chair – “Cahoots”

A Play by Richard Johnston

Directed by Frank Hess

A Pinewood Players Production

By Frank Hess

“Cahoots” is a comedy/drama in two acts revealing the complicated relationship between two couples and the unfortunate consequences that can ensue when common decency is abandoned. “Cahoots” requires a stellar cast and I was fortunate to assemble five actors and actresses who more than fulfill this need. An over-sized Caribbean pepper mill also plays a significant role.

Tom Harris plays Ken Miller, a semi-successful architect. Ken is a likable guy with perhaps a bit too much of a temper. Tom had leading roles in “The Gazebo” and “Dear Ruth” and played Sam Spade in Readers Theater.

Will Ken’s grand designs ever get built?

Ken is married to Jan, a former actress now reduced to the occasional commercial. Jan is bored with her current status but she has a big secret which is gradually revealed as the plot gels. Jan is played by Elyse Webber who had a leading role in “Aspirins and Elephants” last season and has also acted in Readers Theater.

Is Jan trying to spice up her marriage?

The Millers have invited their friends, the Shields, over for a rare meal together before they are all due at a Crime Busters block association meeting.  Lois Shields has been best friends with Jan for many years, whereas her husband Al has been in an adversarial “friendship” with Ken for 13 years. Lois is played by Jayne Heckman who had memorable roles in both “Southern Fried Funeral” and “The Crazy Quilt Club.”

Is there any hope Ken and Al can work out their differences?

Al, who is overly obsessive about the crime problem in New York City is scheduled to give the presentation at the meeting after a pleasant meal prepared by Jan. Al is played by Scott Sustman, who had leading roles in the last five plays on the Pinewood Playhouse stage as well as appearing in Readers Theater.

Does Al also have a big, dark secret?

The evening does not go as planned. Bad things happen and the future looks dim for all four participants. A conspiracy develops, with a frantic effort to make the best of a bad situation. No such luck!

The evening is further spoiled by the unexpected appearance of a new Trump building security guard. Do you remember Kathy Vogt in the food fight scene of “Southern Fried Funeral” last season? Well, here she is again causing more mayhem!

I have directed three plays previously for Pinewood Players, the last one being “The Gazebo.” All three were murder mysteries. There’s no mystery in “Cahoots” but a totally unexpected event occurs and as the plot unravels several of the characters are in “cahoots”.

“Cahoots” is produced by Tricia Hess. She has been active behind the scenes in many capacities in 14 productions for Pinewood Players.

Don’t miss “Cahoots!” Get your tickets now! Tickets are available online at www.pineswoodplayers.com, at the Pinewood Playhouse Box Office every Saturday from 10:00 am to noon and in the Pinewood Country Club lobby every Wednesday from 4:00 to 5:30 pm.

2019 Line up Brings Diversity to the Stage

Theater in the Pines 2019 Line up Brings Diversity to the Stage

The 2019 season of Theater in the Pines presented by Pinewood Players will bring a stimulating season of diverse entertainment to the Pinewood Playhouse stage. Comedy, musical theater and drama will all be represented in this 29th consecutive season of continuous operation by the original home town Pinewood Players theater group.

The season will begin on June 14 with “Cahoots,” a madcap dark comedy written by Rick Johnston and directed by Frank Hess. This will be Frank’s fourth play to direct on the Pinewood Playhouse stage and it promises to be one of his best. The setting is a Manhattan high rise apartment where a dinner party is being hosted with plans for the diners to attend a meeting on neighborhood crime afterwards. A practical joke leads to discord, murder, mayhem and blackmail. The dialog is quick, witty and filled with hilarious one-liners. The fast action takes on a farcical tone while demonstrating that things usually do get worse before they get better and that the dangers of street crime can pale beside the outrageous mayhem that can ensue when friends get together for a “quiet dinner.” Don’t miss “Cahoots.” It’s the perfect start to your summer theater season. “Cahoots” will play June 14, 15, 16 and June 21, 22, 23. Friday and Saturday night performances begin at 7:00 pm, Sunday matinees start at 2:30 pm. All performances are in the Pinewood Playhouse.

This year the Pinewood Players Drama Camp will be a combined three week session for ages 7 through 18 years old beginning on June 24 and culminating in a weekend of performances on July 12, 13 and 14. The production will be “Annie JR,” a shortened version of the award winning Broadway musical. Written by Thomas Meehan with score by Charles Strouse and Martin Charnin and directed by Lynn Rouyer, “Annie JR” is based on the comic strip and features a large cast including our favorite little redhead in her first adventure. “Annie JR” is sure to bring a tear to your eye and a smile to your face as the little orphan girl searches for her parents and navigates the pitfalls of 1930’s New York City to find a new home and family. Performances are Friday, Saturday and Sunday including July 12 and 13 evening performances at 7:00 pm and July 13 and 14 matinees at 2:30 pm.

The ever popular Reader’s Theater “Cabaret Nights” events will return again this year to the Pinewood Country Club Showroom on Wednesday, July 24 and Thursday, July 25 at 7:00 pm both evenings. The events will be produced again this year by Frank and Tricia Hess featuring all new skits that will no doubt again have audiences rolling in the aisles, pleasing their appetite for libations, fun, laughter and lighter side entertainment. Seating is limited and sell outs are a certainty so get your tickets early.

For the season finale, Pinewood Players will present the first serious drama to be performed on the Pinewood Playhouse stage in more than 10 years giving audiences the rare opportunity to experience another form of theater that is not often available to theater goers here. Pinewood Players will present the award winning drama “A Delicate Balance” by Edward Albee. The play premiered in 1966 and won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1967. It was adapted to a screenplay and made into a movie in 1973. There have been two Broadway revivals of “A Delicate Balance,” the first in 1996 and the second in 2014. The 1996 production won the Toni Award for Best Play Revival.

Les Maurseth, another veteran of the Pinewood Playhouse main stage will return to co-direct and co-star in “A Delicate Balance.” Pam Solace, also a veteran of producing and assistant directing for Pinewood Players will co-direct. Les, Pam and the cast will be challenged with bringing the audience this deep look into the lives of an affluent husband and wife who for years have maintained a very delicately balanced relationship, tip-toeing around events of the past. That tenuous balance is threatened by conflict brought into their lives by complicated relationships with an alcoholic sister, close friends who show up unexpectedly and ask to stay indefinitely and their own daughter who returns home from her fourth failed marriage. These factions collide on the stage, tipping the scale and upsetting the delicate balance they have strained to maintain. This is a “must see” for theater lovers and a chance to experience a different side of Pinewood Players and our versatile, talented directors, actors and actresses. Play dates are August 2, 3 & 9 evening curtain at 7:00 pm and August 4, 10 & 11 matinees at 2:30 pm.

Tickets for all Pinewood Players events are available online at www.pinewoodplayers.com and at the Pinewood Playhouse Box Office on the Pinewood Country Club campus just east of the pool area on Saturday mornings from 10 am to noon. Tickets are also sold in the Pinewood Country Club lobby on Wednesday afternoons from 4 pm to 5:30 pm. You may also call the Ticket Hotline at (928)300-0481 for assistance.
Get your tickets now for all of the 2019 Theater in the Pines events! We also encourage you to join Pinewood Players and be a part of the action this season. Membership is open to everyone and membership forms can be downloaded from our web site at www.pinewoodplayers.com. You don’t have to act to enjoy the camaraderie, fun and to participate in additional events such as our season end “It’s a Wrap” party which is open to all Pinewood Players members. We hope you’ll join us for our 29th season of Theater in the Pines. See you at the Playhouse!

PWCC Mystery Dinner Theater June 6

Pinewood Country Club Presents Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

Linda Sustman (Director of Pinewood Players productions of “The Crazy Quilt Club” and “Southern Fried Funeral”) is producing the Pinewood Country Club Murder Mystery Dinner Theater on June 6, 2019. She has put out a casting call to fill 10 roles for the performance. The roles are somewhat flexible with regard to gender. They include an MC, three mayoral candidates, three supporters of the candidates, a doctor, a photo journalist and a detective. These are fun, no pressure acting roles with very minimal commitment to rehearsal time and memorization required. An audition will be held on Sunday, May 19th at 1:00 pm in the Pinewood Playhouse east of the pool area on the Pinewood Country Club campus. If you are interested in getting in on the fun and participating as an actor in the first ever Pinewood Country Club Murder Mystery Dinner Theater simply come to the audition at 1:00 pm. If you have questions concerning the roles or the audition please contact Linda via email at lasustman@gmail.com.

Make your reservation for the

Pinewood Country Club
Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

One Performance Only!

Seating is limited so make your reservations now!

includes dinner, 1 complimentary drink ticket and show

Limited Tickets, so Reserve Your Seats Now!

Call Patsy Federico – Membership/Events Coordinator

(928) 233-8271

This production is presented by Pinewood Country Club. Pinewood Players is providing reciprocal advertising for the event in consideration for advertising in Pinewood Country Club weekly emails, bulletin boards, web site and other marketing communications and promotional opportunities provided by Pinewood Country Club in behalf of Pinewood Players.

Pinewood Players Scholarship Program

Pinewood Players Scholarship Program

Welcome back everyone to another great season with the Pinewood Players! This season we will be presenting two plays, a drama camp and associated production and our Reader’s Theatre with “The Cabaret Players” for our theatre going patron’s enjoyment.

When Pinewood Players opened the playhouse, we introduced the Annual Donor Program for capital improvements.  Over the years the playhouse has benefited in many ways from these donations thanks to all of you!

In 2015 we expanded the Annual Donor Program by creating The PWP Scholarship Program to provide for up to two scholarships of $2000 each to be awarded annually to students who are majoring or minoring in performing arts or education with a focus on the arts.  This year the PWP Board has expanded the scholarship to allow qualifying applicants to focus on disciplines other than the arts, given that they have attended at least two Pinewood Players Drama Camps.

Scholarship applicants must have a close connection to Munds Park, have a high grade average and must have demonstrated leadership skills and qualities. The expectation is that a scholarship recipient will complete course work regardless of the higher discipline they choose to pursue.

More information is on our website www.pinewoodplayers.com

Click on the FORMS tab and scroll down to the Scholarship information for 2019

Please consider making a donation to The PWP Scholarship Program. If you wish to support this cause directly, you may designate on your check the portion of your donation to be deposited to the Scholarship Fund and send it in the mail to:

Pinewood Players Scholarship Program, P.O. Box 18484, Munds Park AZ  86017

PWP is a 501-C-3 non-profit organization.  Your donation to this worthwhile program is tax-deductible and you will be receipted by PWP.

Make Someone Happy

Support the Pinewood Players Scholarship Program!

2019 Season Preview

Pinewood Players Announces 2019 Plays

The 2019 season of Theater in the Pines will open in June with “Cahoots” by Rick Johnson. The play is a “dark comedy” filled with witty dialog and farcical overtones. It will be directed by Frank Hess. Frank is a veteran of the Pinewood Playhouse stage and he has directed three previous main stage productions (“Exit the Body” “Wrong Window” and “The Gazebo”). He most recently produced the 2018 Reader’s Theater for Pinewood Players. CLICK HERE to read a synopsis of “Cahoots.”

The second play of the season scheduled for August will be the award winning drama “A Delicate Balance” by Edward Albee. The play premiered in 1966 starring Jessica Tandy and Hume Croyn. It won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1967. It was made into a movie in 1973 starring Katharine Hepburn, Paul Schofield and Lee Remick. There have been two Broadway revivals of the play, one in 1996 which won the Toni Award for best play revival and the other in 2014 that starred John Lithgow and Glenn Close. Les Maurseth, also a veteran of the Pinewood Playhouse main stage will be returning to direct his second play. Les directed a remarkable production of “Aspirin & Elephants” earlier this season and we are looking forward to enjoying his work again. CLICK HERE to read a brief synopsis of “A Delicate Balance.”

Preliminary 2019 Schedule (subject to change)
“Cahoots”                              June 14, 15, 16 and June 21, 22, 23
First General Meeting        June 22 (10:00 am)
Drama Camp                        TBD
Reader’s Theater                 July 25, 26
“A Delicate Balance”          August 2, 3, 4 and August 9, 10, 11
Second General Meeting   August 17 (10:00 am)
Auditions for 2020 Plays  August 23,24
Wrap Party                           August 29

Tickets for 2019 plays will go on sale in March 2019.  Visit our website at www.pinewoodplayers.com for updates.