Scholarship Fund Reaches Initial Threshold Goal

Thanks to the generosity of our donors and a matching donation from a magnanimous anonymous benefactor Pinewood Players Scholarship fund has reached the initial threshold to fund a $2000 scholarship this fall. Our Scholarship Committee is already reviewing some deserving candidates and will be making recommendations to the board. Rich Dahl and his scholarship committee have done an incredible job of soliciting donations and qualified applicants. They are now in the second phase of their fund raising activity attempting to … Continue reading

Opening Night Special Event

On Opening Night, June 9th we will celebrate a special ‘wedding reception’ following the play with a  wedding cake, a special ‘bubbly’ and a toast to the bridal couple and friends.  Special ‘wedding gifts’ (door prizes) will be also be awarded to lucky ticket holders that same evening. Get your tickets for opening night and join the wedding party festivities.

Article on “The Education of Angels”

“The Education of Angels” by Matthew Carlin Directed by Lynn Rouyer   “The Education of Angels” story is very unique, especially for Pinewood Players. First, there is a role for a very young girl in the play. Having directed the Kidz Kamp, which is the younger of the two Drama Camps, I had an opportunity to select three young girls for the role.  Given this unusual opportunity to the three girls means that they will each have two performances to … Continue reading

Volunteers Needed: Lighting & Sound

Lighting and Sound Operators: Volunteer Position – At least 3 individuals needed.  Pinewood Players is in need of Sound and Lighting operators for the 2017 season. Some experience with sound or lighting equipment is a plus but not a requirement. Pinewood Players will train interested candidates to operate the sound and lighting control boards for the 2017 plays. The positions involve operating the sound and lighting systems for technical run through,  dress rehearsals and live performances. Each candidate would likely be assigned to one play … Continue reading

College Scholarships Available

Last year, the Pinewood Players initiated a scholarship program designed to assist students who want to attend a college or university and study some form of theater arts.  Up to two scholarships of $2,000 each are being offered. Scholarship awards are intended to aid students who have a close connection to Munds Park, maintain a high grade average, and demonstrate leadership qualities.  Young people who have participated in the Pinewood Drama Camps are encouraged to apply.  The expectation is that a … Continue reading

Drama Camp News

It’s the start of the 2017 season of the Pinewood Players Drama Camp. Drama Camp is a great opportunity for children to exercise their theatrical ambitions in a fun learning environment. In addition to performance rehearsals, campers will participate in creative drama activities meant to develop acting skills and an appreciation for and understanding of the theater craft. Kidz Kamp is the camp for younger children, ages 7 to 11. Teen Camp is the camp for older children from ages … Continue reading

Review of Dearly Beloved

Review by Jan Toth I haven’t made it to any of the Pinewood Players productions for a couple of years. Boy do I miss that, especially after seeing this play, Dearly Beloved! This is the story of three sisters, the singing Sermonettes, who gather in their home town of Fayro, Texas for the wedding of Frankie Futrelle Dubberly’s twin daughter, Tina Jo. As in a lot of families, the three sisters have been harboring a family feud. Two sisters, Frankie … Continue reading

Review of Said the Spider to the Spy

By Penny Petersen         It is amazing what nine actors and a good director can do with a far from adequate script. Doug Pusateri and his cast brought life to what could have been a slow and plodding theatre experience. “Said the Spider to the Spy” by Fred Carmichael tries to make an artificially contrived plot believable. He failed. But the Pinewood Players actors and stage crew, all amateurs, did what the playwright could not–perform a miracle in breathing life, fun, enjoyment … Continue reading

Review of Whose Wives are the Anyway?

Reviewed by Clyde Morrison Whose Wives is a farce about two executives of a cosmetic company who plan to spend a weekend at a golf resort while their wives shop. Their company has been sold, and they want a last hurrah before the new CEO arrives. At the golf resort, before they can start the golfing, the CEO arrives and wants to meet their wives, stating that she would not have executives who went golfing without their wives. So the … Continue reading