Board of Directors Meeting Highlights, November 4, 2017

Board of Directors Meeting Highlights November 4, 2017 In attendance: Betsy Froderman, Andy Harper, Bill Heckman, Eileen Jones, Chris Murphy, Georgia Osborne, Lori Prescott, Dan Slocum, Pam Solace, Dee Spain, Dovie Templin. Financial Overview: Treasurer Chris Murphy distributed the financial report showing revenue, expenses and  balances as of November 1, 2017. The financial summary included all major expenses for the year with the exception of the 2018 liability insurance payment for which the bill has recently been received and is in the process of … Continue reading

Pinewood Players Announce Changes to 2018 Play Line Up

Pinewood Players is proud to announce the following changes to the previous announced 2018 schedule. Our first adult play will be “Aspirin and Elephants” written by Jerry Mayer, directed by Les Maurseth. Les is no stranger to the Pinewood Playhouse Main Stage with credits for “Wrong Window,” “Bells are Ringing,” “Blithe Spirit,” “Be My Baby,” and “Bus Stop.” He also successfully produced the 2017 Reader’s Theater. This will be Les’s directorial debut and we are all looking forward to his initial production. “Aspirin … Continue reading

Pinewood Players Election Results

The Pinewood Players Board of Directors election was held during the General Membership Meeting on September 9. We wish to congratulate the four newly elected members: Bill Heckman Cheryl Parker Dee Spain Dovie Templin We also with to thank the retiring members Vy Amour, Nancy Del Duca, Pam Solace and Melanie Westmark for their service to Pinewood Players. Bill Gibney also left the Board as Past President Adviser and was replaced by Pam Solace. The Board of Directors met on Saturday, September … Continue reading

Communique from Pinewood Players/PWCC Committee

Special Communique from the Pinewood Players/Club Committee Dear Pinewood Player members: We continue to hear rumors and wrong information about the agreement we reached with Pinewood Country Club and how Pinewood Players is to be managed in the future. We prepared a list of Questions and Answers to address these rumors and your questions.  But there are a few things we wish to make sure you know: Pinewood Players, Inc., was founded in 1997 and incorporated as a non-profit in that same … Continue reading

Pinewood Players Founders Honored

To: Joan Gorges, Jim and Vel Hedberg Founding Members, Pinewood Players The Board of Directors of Pinewood Players would like to thank you for your amazing foresight and vision in the founding of our wonderful community theatre.  Your hard work, tenacity and unwavering support of the theatre has not gone unnoticed.  You are always in attendance, quietly supporting others without drawing attention to the fact that your decisions many years ago led to the theatre’s very existence and the success of … Continue reading

Scholarship Awards

Pinewood Players Award 2017 Scholarships By Penny Petersen Pinewood Players is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2017 PWP Scholarship competition.   Sophia Drapeau and Kirsten Ryder will each receive an award of $2,000 toward college expenses. The purpose of the program is to assist students who have a close connection to Munds Park and attend college in a field connected to the arts (theatre, music, dance, performing arts education and technical theatre.)  Former participants in the PWP drama camps … Continue reading

Volunteers Needed: Lighting & Sound

Lighting and Sound Operators: Volunteer Position – At least 3 individuals needed.  Pinewood Players is in need of Sound and Lighting operators for the 2017 season. Some experience with sound or lighting equipment is a plus but not a requirement. Pinewood Players will train interested candidates to operate the sound and lighting control boards for the 2017 plays. The positions involve operating the sound and lighting systems for technical run through,  dress rehearsals and live performances. Each candidate would likely be assigned to one play … Continue reading

Job Opportunity: Box Office/Ticket Manager

The duration of this job is JUNE 9 THROUGH AUGUST 27, 2017. Successful applicant must be available for training prior to June 9.  Duties involve being in charge of the Box Office ticket booth at Pinewood Players Playhouse on Saturday mornings from 10:00 AM TO 12:00 noon.  The Ticket manager will also sell tickets on Wednesdays from  4:00 PM TO 5:30 PM in the Pinewood Country Club lobby.  The ticket manager must also be in charge of the Box Office ticket booth 45 … Continue reading

College Scholarships Available

Last year, the Pinewood Players initiated a scholarship program designed to assist students who want to attend a college or university and study some form of theater arts.  Up to two scholarships of $2,000 each are being offered. Scholarship awards are intended to aid students who have a close connection to Munds Park, maintain a high grade average, and demonstrate leadership qualities.  Young people who have participated in the Pinewood Drama Camps are encouraged to apply.  The expectation is that a … Continue reading