Pinewood Players Founders Honored

To: Joan Gorges, Jim and Vel Hedberg

Founding Members, Pinewood Players

The Board of Directors of Pinewood Players would like to thank you for your amazing foresight and vision in the founding of our wonderful community theatre.  Your hard work, tenacity and unwavering support of the theatre has not gone unnoticed.  You are always in attendance, quietly supporting others without drawing attention to the fact that your decisions many years ago led to the theatre’s very existence and the success of over 100 productions.  The theatre has provided exposure to the wonderfully creative process of creating magic on the stage and has profoundly affected several generations of Munds Park residents. We are all the grateful recipients of your service to the community.  It is not possible to enumerate the life enriching exposures to theatre or the countless favorite memories you have helped to create.  Please know that the legacy of your hard work is one that continues to bless and enrich us all.

We have instructed the ticketing company that you are to receive two complimentary tickets to each of the three productions this summer and for each of the wonderful summers ahead. Thank you once again for your gift to us all.  Please choose your preferred dates and contact Eileen Jones @ 602-996-5192 to receive your tickets.





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