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Pinewood Players is a non-profit organization bringing cultural opportunities to all ages. Each season the Pinewood Players entertain the community by presenting live theater and by providing various venues where children and adults learn about the performing arts through participation in workshops, drama camps and plays of all kinds.

History of Pinewood Players

The early history of Pinewood Players is recorded on a page in the playbill for “The Good Doctor”, performed in 1993. It reads as follows:

“The group was formed in the spring of 1990 under the guidance of Elaine (Enie) Smart.

That year “The Hitchhiker” and “Sorry Wrong Number” were performed on the small stage in the bingo room of Pinewood Country Club. Those two shows required a host of supporting actors, and many of our new members found these bit parts to their liking. The lines were easy to learn and people who hadn’t been on stage since high school (or ever) found themselves enjoying the fellowship of the group.

The income from these two shows was the seed for 1991, the year of “Blithe Spirit”. A larger stage was required. With help of the Club staff, this was built in sections that could be moved into and out of the library, opposite the bingo room.

The proceeds of 1991 were sufficient to pay off all debts and still have funds for 1992. That year Elaine Smart announced she would like to do “I Remember Mama” in memory of her own mother. This play called for children’s parts and a live cat. It generated enough revenue to enable the group to make donations to some causes connected with theater and Pinewood, as well as having reserve money for 1993.”

Plays continued to be performed in the country club until our playhouse opened in 2002.

Elaine (Enie) Smart

Enie in 1992

Elaine was the founder of Pinewood Players and directed the first three productions through 1992 and others in later years. Her background includes the direction of some 78 plays in high school, college and community theaters. She had a B. A. from Parsons College and a Master’s degree in drama from the University of Nebraska. Enie was active in Pinewood Players in many different roles until her death at the age of 93 in July 2006.

Bill Smart

Enie and Bill Smart 2001
Enie and Bill Smart 2001

Bill, son of Elaine, began directing plays for Pinewood Players in 1993. Bill had spent most of his life in theater. He acted professionally in Hawaii and directed and toured plays while an officer in the U.S. Army. He was a founding member of The International Schools Theater Association. He had a degree in drama from the University of Iowa and an M. A. from Boston University. Bill was the sole director of all plays from 1993 to 2008. He also acted in several plays, the last being “A Few Good Years” which was performed in 2010. Bill passed away in 2011.

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