• Fri. Jan 22nd, 2021


Theater in the Pines


A major portion of our support comes from donations.

When the Pinewood players opened the playhouse, we introduced the Annual Donor Program for capital improvements. Our members have been very generous over the years and has been a substantial part of our fund raising needs.

There are four levels of donations that are recognized in performance programs under the following categories:

  • Supporters – donations of $50 and up
  • Theater Lovers – donations of $100 and up
  • Benefactors – donations of $250 and up
  • Angels – donations of $500 and up

All donations of $250 or more can receive two tickets for each of the three adult productions for the season, if desired. Your tax deduction donation will be the amount donated, less the value of the benefits you receive, such as free tickets.

Pinewood Players, Inc.
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