Pinewood Players Member Communication

June 1, 2020

To our Loyal Members and Supporters,

Last month the Pinewood Players Board of Directors announced the postponement, rescheduling and cancellation of events scheduled in June 2020. These were difficult decisions to make particularly since these events made up a significant part of our 30th Anniversary celebratory season.

The Board has continued to closely monitor the CDC, Arizona and Coconino County Reopening Guidance and the reopening activities in Arizona and Coconino County. Many businesses are being allowed to reopen with strict distancing, limited capacities, stringent sanitizing and other restrictions and safety protocols specific to their businesses. The nearest example to our situation is movie theaters which were allowed to open in Arizona as of May 16. However, none have chosen to do so. Some have indicated they will open later in the summer.

After evaluation of many factors including:

  • Perceived reluctance of patrons to return to events in enclosed spaces
  • Likely limitations on audience size
  • Training, staffing and cost of sanitizing and implementing other safety protocols which will be required to protect our audiences, actors and staff
  • Difficulty of preparing for and executing performances while practicing social distancing

But most importantly the overall safety and welfare of our members, volunteers, supporters and their families as well as the community at large, the Board has determined that it is not feasible to support the remaining scheduled events this season.

The decision to suspend the 2020 season was a difficult one to make, but there is positive news. The 30th Anniversary season will be celebrated in 2021 in its entirety! Our complete 30th Anniversary schedule including “It’s a Mystery,” “Dashing Through the Snow,” Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” (Drama Camp), Reader’s Theater “Cabaret,” and “The Pinewood Follies” will be presented next summer. All of our other events such as the Ice Cream Social, It’s a Wrap Party and our General Membership Meetings will be back on the schedule next year as well.

Pinewood Players is not going away for 2020! An ad hoc entertainment committee has been appointed and they will be exploring opportunities to provide some alternative entertainment. We hope you will join us if we are able to organize some events or activities safely and responsibly before the end of summer. Pinewood Players will be sending regular email updates regarding any fun events we are able to organize to entertain and uplift the community. All such events will be presented free of charge to show our appreciation for the years of support from the community.

While there was a tremendous response earlier this year to  pre-registration for our traditional Drama Camp 2020, we have recently reached out to our camp families and a number of parents are now understandably hesitant to commit to allow their children to attend activities of this type. As a result it was decided to move “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” into next season when our Drama Camp can celebrate its 20th anniversary with a spectacular production. The Drama Camp Administrators and Steering Committee Members are finalizing plans with award winning Director Dale Nakagawa to create a safe alternative for those families who are still interested in having their children attend drama camp this summer. An announcement with further details about the alternate camp will be forthcoming later this week. But be assured that the welfare and safety of our campers and their families will remain the primary criteria. There will be no charge for children to attend the alternative camp activities sponsored by Pinewood Players this season.

In the meantime, we are executing the following action plan:

All ticket purchases to date and Drama Camp 2020 tuition will be refunded. If you have purchased tickets or enrolled your child in Drama Camp 2020 you will be contacted soon to make arrangements for refunds.

All 2020 Memberships will be extended through 2021 at no charge. If any member prefers a refund of their 2020 annual membership dues, please contact Membership Chairperson Anne Hess at 626-664-0054 or email

All 2020 donations will be recognized in the 2021 playbills. If you wish to have your 2020 donation refunded, please contact Membership Chairperson Anne Hess at 626-664-0054 or email

It may be possible to hold the General Membership Meeting and election as scheduled on August 22. If not, members of the Board of Directors have volunteered to extend their terms for one year in case we are not able to hold a regular election. We will continue to communicate with our members throughout the summer and will update you regarding the status of the August elections as soon as it is clear how we can proceed.

The Board regrets having to take this action. However, we are first and foremost concerned with the safety and health of our members, our supporters and their families. We are looking at the silver lining in this situation which is that we can now look forward to celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Pinewood Players in its entirety, safely and without interruption in 2021. We welcome and encourage your comments regarding this decision. CLICK HERE to connect to our Contact Form on our web site or go to and select Contact Us in the main menu to access the form. We value your input, please let us know how you feel.

Finally, while we all will miss some of the normal fun, camaraderie, laughter and good times that are the trademarks of a traditional Theater in the Pines season, we are hopeful that a new kind of safe entertainment experience can be created that you will enjoy and which will provide some comic relief, laughter and smiles this season. We hope to see everyone back to resume normal activities next season. Your Board of Directors will continue to work toward making next season’s 30th Anniversary celebration better than ever. In the meantime, look for additional email updates from us throughout the season keeping you up to date on the organization and informed of any possible alternative events that can be safely scheduled.

We wish you and your families a safe and healthy season in the pines.
Pinewood Players Board of Directors

Dan Slocum – President, Publicity Co-Chairperson
Lori Prescott – Vice-President, Insurance Chairperson
Andy Harper – Secretary
Diann Ereth – Treasurer
Betsy Froderman – Board Member, Historian, Drama Camp Liaison, Play Selection Chairperson
Win Holden – Board Member, Publicity Co-Chairperson, Scholarship Committee
Les Mauseth – Board Member, Play Selection Committee, Long Range Planning Committee
Terri Peach – Board Member, Scholarship Committee Chairperson, Long Range Planning Committee
Carlos Navarrete – Board Member, Playhouse Construction and Maintenance Chairperson, Long range Planning Committee
Pam Solace – Board Member, Past President Advisor, Joint Committee Member, Country Club Liaison, Play Selection Committee
Elyse Webber – Board Member, Social Committee Chairperson, Joint Committee Member

Drama Camp Music Director Announced

Music Director Named for Drama Camp 2020

The Pinewood Players Drama Camp Steering Committee is proud to announce that Sandra Dyke has accepted the position of Music Director for Drama Camp 2020.

Sandra determined at an early age that music would be an important factor in her life. Her first vocal solo at age 12 sealed the deal. She pursued her music career and earned a degree in Voice and Music Education from the University of Louisville. Sandra lived her commitment to music as a junior high choir director for 27 years before moving into administration and later serving as a school principal. She also shared her talent and love of music throughout her life volunteering as a church choir director and youth handbell director in several Phoenix area churches. She has directed annual musicals and cantatas including an adaptation of “The Wizard of OZ,” “Amahl and the Night Visitors” and “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.”

Since her retirement Sandra has become a regular on the Pinewood Playhouse stage in recent years including her portrayal of Sammy Jo in “Southern Fried Funeral” in 2018 and her brilliant performance as Claire in last season’s “A Delicate Balance.” She also found time to perform in the Pinewood Country Club’s Mystery Dinner Theater last June.

We cannot wait to experience her collaboration with award winning children’s theater director Dale Nakagawa on next year’s block buster Drama Camp production, to be announced very soon.

Please join us in welcoming Sandra to our Drama Camp 2020 staff. This is shaping up to be an exceptional season. And why not? We will celebrate the 30th anniversary of Pinewood Players and the 19th consecutive year of our Drama Camp tradition. We expect this to be a season to remember!

If you have children or grandchildren between the ages of 7 and 18 please enable and encourage them to participate in this landmark camp and production. A professional award winning director coupled with a professional music director in a real theater venue with professional sound and lighting systems and theater seating will be an experience of a lifetime for your child or grandchild. Don’t let this opportunity escape! Give them the memory of a lifetime! Pre-registration information will be sent out soon! Sign up to insure a spot for your child or grandchild!