Mini Camp Announcement

Mini-Drama Camp Announcement

Dear Members and Supporters,
Our Drama Camp Steering Committee (DCSC) has worked diligently and tirelessly under very adverse conditions to support a drama camp for the children this season. They have encountered many obstructions and overcome many obstacles to plan and prepare for the Mini-Drama Camp 2020 and the “Broadway in the Pines” production. Today, after several days of discussion and deliberation, the Pinewood Players Board of Directors in collaboration with our Drama Camp Administrators and the DCSC agreed that the camp should be canceled.

This decision is based on the realization that the risk has become too high to hold the camp and performances given the severity of the new outbreak of Covid-19 in our state. Arizona has become a “hot spot” for the virus with almost 20,000 new cases identified last week alone. Cases in Coconino County spiked last week to the highest number of weekly cases since the beginning of the pandemic, nearly double the previous highest number of weekly cases.On Monday Governor Ducey issued an Executive Order closing bars, gyms and theaters and limiting the number of people gathering, inside or outside, to under 50 people. Given the number of cast, crew, volunteers and anticipated audience members it would be impossible to hold our event with less than 50 total people gathered together even if distancing could be maintained and multiple performances were scheduled.

Yesterday our director Dale Nakagawa raised the question to the DCSC as to whether it was truly responsible to proceed with a camp under these circumstances. Even given the extreme precautions and the safety procedures the DCSC planned, he still questioned the wisdom of holding the camp given the health crisis we are facing in the state. After consideration of the director’s position, the Governor’s new statewide restrictions and assessing our ability to act responsibly within the guidance of state, county and local mandates, the Board made the decision to cancel the camp and performance.

While this is very disappointing to all who have worked so hard to organize the camp under these extreme circumstances and most certainly even more disappointing to the children and families who were looking forward to attending, the Board of Directors agreed that It would not be responsible behavior to expose children, parents, grandparents and the community at large to such risks given the severity of the new outbreak. In addition, we believe it would be impossible to adhere to the newly imposed gathering size restriction. This would put the organization in violation of the Governor’s Executive Order.

We regret to have to make this decision, but it is the responsible action to take under the circumstances. We hope all of our members and supporters will understand and support this action. As with previous decisions, this action is being taken with the health, safety and welfare of our members, supporters and the entire community as our primary concern.

On a positive note, pre-registration for our Drama Camp 2021 spectacular production of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” will open on our web site on July 15. This production will mark the 20th anniversary of Pinewood Players Drama Camp which will be celebrated along with the 30th anniversary of the Pinewood Players organization next summer. Be sure to pre-register your camper early to insure their spot in Drama Camp 2021.

The Pinewood Players Board of Directors

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