Drama Camp 2020 Update

Pinewood Players Proudly Presents  Mini-Drama Camp 2020 As announced, Pinewood Players made the decision  to reschedule our planned 3 week camp and major production of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” to next summer when we can fully and safely celebrate both the 30th Anniversary of Pinewood Players and the 20th Anniversary of Pinewood Players Drama Camp with a truly spectacular camp and production. This email will provide details of an alternate Mini-Drama Camp 2020 and the plan to responsibly and safely conduct a drama camp this season. In … Continue reading

Pinewood Players Member Communication

June 1, 2020 To our Loyal Members and Supporters, Last month the Pinewood Players Board of Directors announced the postponement, rescheduling and cancellation of events scheduled in June 2020. These were difficult decisions to make particularly since these events made up a significant part of our 30th Anniversary celebratory season. The Board has continued to closely monitor the CDC, Arizona and Coconino County Reopening Guidance and the reopening activities in Arizona and Coconino County. Many businesses are being allowed to reopen … Continue reading

Pinewood Players Scholarship Program

Pinewood Players Scholarship Program 2020 Pinewood Players is now accepting applications for their 2020 Scholarship Program. Each year since 2015 Pinewood Players has awarded up to two $2000 scholarships annually to deserving students. In 2020 the Scholarship Program will again be offered to qualifying applicants having close connections to Munds Park. Students should be planning to major or minor in the performing arts or in performing arts education. Alternately, students pursuing higher educations in disciplines other than the performing arts … Continue reading

Drama Camp News

Drama Camp News 2020 The content of this post will be applicable to the 2021 season, inasmuch as the camp has been postponed until the 2021 season. Did you know that there is a real theater on the campus of Pinewood Country Club and a theater group that has operated continuously since 1990? The theater is the Pinewood Playhouse, the theater group is Pinewood Players and the organization will be celebrating its 30th anniversary with special events this coming season. … Continue reading

Drama Camp Music Director Announced

Music Director Named for Drama Camp 2020 The Pinewood Players Drama Camp Steering Committee is proud to announce that Sandra Dyke has accepted the position of Music Director for Drama Camp 2020. Sandra determined at an early age that music would be an important factor in her life. Her first vocal solo at age 12 sealed the deal. She pursued her music career and earned a degree in Voice and Music Education from the University of Louisville. Sandra lived her … Continue reading