Pinewood Players Mission

Original Pinewood Theater Group Provides Unique Cultural Opportunities for the Community

Pinewood Players is a non-profit organization committed to the goal of increasing exposure to the performing arts in the community by presenting plays, sponsoring workshops, Youth Theater, Reader’s Theater and providing multiple opportunities for the community to learn about and participate in various aspects of live theater.

Pinewood Players membership is open to the public meaning that everyone in the Munds Park community is invited and welcomed into our membership. Membership dues are $10 per year for singles and $18 per year for families.  You do not have to act to be a part of this friendly group of folks and participate in the fun and camaraderie.

Pinewood Players performances are open to everyone in the Munds Park community and surrounding areas. We welcome everyone to experience the ambiance of the Pinewood Playhouse and to enjoy the incredible productions of our amateur theater group (amateur only because our casts and crews are volunteers, not paid performers).The quality of Pinewood Players productions and the theater experience equals and in most cases surpasses what can be experienced in amateur theater across northern Arizona and even in many valley venues.

Pinewood Players has a long standing tradition of providing opportunities for the youth of the community to learn about the performing arts by participating in drama camps that are open to the entire community. All youngsters between the ages of 7 and 18 are invited and encouraged to participate. No child has ever been turned away from a Pinewood Players Drama Camp. Given the Pinewood Playhouse venue, access to professional equipment, experienced support staff and abundant staging resources provided by the organization, the Pinewood Players Drama Camp experience exceeds any and all opportunities for the youth theater experience available in the community. As an added bonus, participants in two or more Pinewood Players Drama Camps become eligible for the Pinewood Players Scholarship Program which awards $2000 scholarships to up to two deserving students each year who have ties to the Munds Park community and meet academic and other program requirements regardless of their choice of higher education focus.

Pinewood Players provides a venue in the Pinewood Playhouse that is unmatched in the community and outlying areas. Theater seating and professional lighting and sound systems provide a complete theater experience making the Pinewood Playhouse an unequaled facility and a unique asset to the Munds Park community. If you are new to the community or have just never taken the time to visit the Playhouse, Pinewood Players will be offering open house theater tours, ice cream, cake and free entertainment monthly next season to celebrate our 30th anniversary. Plan to join us! Dates and times will be announced so stay tuned.

We encourage everyone to experience the original Pinewood theater group, Pinewood Players next season and join us in the celebration of our 30th continuous season of providing entertainment and cultural opportunities to the community. Visit our web site at for more information.

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