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Pinewood Players Scholarship Program

Pinewood Players is raising money for their Scholarship Program. Each year we offer up to two $2000 college scholarships to deserving students who meet the program criteria. Due to Covid-19 most traditional fundraising to fund the scholarship has been cancelled. Our Scholarship Committee has come up with a fun, innovative idea to raise funds yet maintain safety and stay within the Covid-19 safety guidelines. The Committee is conducting a virtual Pet Contest in the Pinewood News, on Social Media and on our web site.

Let’s have some fun during these difficult times and help raise funds for the Scholarship Program at the same time. Here’s how it works.

First Contest: Cutest Pet 
Dog, cat, horse, hamster, bird, snake, fish, etc. Any cute pet qualifies! Send us a sweet, funny, or unique photo showcasing your cute pet. 

The contest will be featured in the The Pinewood News newspaper. It will include contestant’s photos, pet names and owner’s names. We will post a poll on the Pinewood Players website for the community to vote for their favorite entry.  

If you win, you will receive a gift valuing $25 or more!!  And your pet’s photo with its name and owner’s name will be in the following edition of The Pinewood News. 

The next edition of The Pinewood News, July 27, will present the entries for our first contest with instructions on how to easily vote online. Anyone can vote, but only one vote will be allowed per device. 

1. $20 entry fee. Either cash or a check payable to Pinewood Players.
2. Please send a color photo to
3. Write a legible note with your full name, your pet’s name, your physical Munds Park address (NO PO BOX #’s) and phone number and place inside an envelope along with the photo and your $20 entry fee.
4. Address the sealed envelope to “Pet Contest.”
5. Drop your envelope off at the Pinewood Country Club front desk during DAYTIME business hours. Wear your mask!
6. Have the receptionist date and time the outside of your envelope. Add your initials. Your envelope will be placed in a locked box. Deadline is SaturdayJuly 18th.
7. Hurry! Only the first ten envelope entries will be accepted. Due to our ad space in The Pinewood News, we can only accept 10 entries. This is why we have the envelope timed and dated when it is turned in. If you don’t make the first 10, your entry fee and photo will be personally returned to you at your Munds Park residence.
8. Don’t despair if you aren’t one of the first 10 entries! If we have a good response, we will have a different and fun themed pet contest in each additional Pinewood News newspaper until the end of October. Or we may enlarge the ad to accommodate more contestants. Plenty of opportunities to see your beloved pet’s photo in the newspaper for all of Munds Park to see!
9. This information will also be posted on three different Facebook pages on the same day and time The Pinewood News releases its new editions in newsprint and online:  It’s All About Munds Park, Munds Park Networking Group, and What’s Happening In Munds Park And Around The World.
10. Any questions? Contact Terri Peach, Scholarship Chair at

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