Aspirin and Elephants (2018)

Aspirin & Elephants Synopsis

ASPIRIN & ELEPHANTS is LIFE presented as a hilarious romantic comedy with the kind of witty dialogue audiences rave about. This award-winning play shows what happens in the lives of an upscale mother and father who take their two married daughters and sons-in-law on a North Sea cruise to celebrate their fortieth anniversary.

The father is still recovering from a recent heart attack.  (His heart attack explains the title of the play – he jokes about his coronary, which felt like an elephant sitting on his chest and now he must take an aspirin every day.)  She is a strong wife/mother who works hard to keep her husband healing and the family functioning – in other words, she helps them all navigate life.  The two daughters and their husbands have their own life issues.  Does that sound like LIFE?  Sound familiar?

While on their cruise “life” happens to all of them – all of their real-life issues – health, sex, work, financial, love – failures and successes.  Watching them deal with all those issues will keep you laughing, even after you begin to feel the emotion.

The professional opening of Aspirin & Elephants ran for two years.  Pinewood Players production opens June 15, 2018, but will only run for 6 performances over two weekends.  So put it on your calendar now, you don’t want to miss this one.



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