The Crazy Quilt Club (2017)

Directed by Linda Sustman
August 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 27
Evening Performances: Curtain 7:00 pm
Matinees: Curtain 2:30 pm

“The Crazy Quilt Club” is a laugh-out-loud murder mystery comedy! It throws the cliche of harmless old ladies on its head. These aren’t your typical woman victims. With clues dropping as fast as corpses, these
ladies are armed and ready for action! Add to the mix a police Lieutenant who is trying to figure out motives, opportunity and the paranoid behavior of seven crazy ladies! Confusion reigns! This family-friendly play moves quickly with the audience kept guessing till the last minute!

The cast includes:

  • Veronica – Marsha Propps
  • Sarafina – Gale Grove
  • Lydia – Bonnie Jarvix
  • Matilda – Georgia Osborne
  • Myrtle – Phyllis Schurz
  • Viola – Dolores Lanier
  • Clara – Barbara Maurseth
  • Dr. Joyce – Molly Moulton
  • Lt. Jack – Scott Sustman

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