Wrong Window (2013)

Wrong Window

Written by: Billy Van Zant and Jane Milmore

Directed by: Frank Hess


Wrong window was authored by the same pair that brought us “Love, Sex and the IRS” , a very funny play that was performed in our theater in 2011. Billy Van Zant and Jane Milmore have won numerous theatrical awards and have written over 300 hours of TV comedy.

The play takes place in a New York high-rise apartment. It is a comedy whodunit that can be described as a spoof, mystery and a farce. It is a tribute to the films of Alfred Hitchcock, who was a master of mystery. Throughout the play there is snappy dialog, peppered with allusions and references to over 20 Hitchcock titles.

Marnie and Jeff are trying to rekindle their marriage following a break-up caused by Jeff’s rather odd phobias. While their close friends and confidants, Midge and Robby, are visiting, the four “accidentally”spy on their neighbors across the courtyard through over-size picture windows. Things get serious when they think they see Thor do away with his wife Lila. The “body” vanishes and suspicion leads the four bumbling witnesses to sneak into Thor’s apartment looking for evidence. The affable but dim-witted handyman, Loomis, delivers some very funny lines as he comes and goes, accomplishing nothing. Detective Thomas plays it more or less straight as he tries to unravel the multiple mysteries popping up. There are several disappearances, body-snatches, and frequent power outages, leading to recurring mayhem.

A major feature of the play is the unique and ingenious set design. The action usually takes place in both apartments simultaneously, brought to the audience by a mirror-image reversal of décor. Some of the time, Marnie and Jeff’s apartment is downstage with a view into Thor’s apartment; in other scenes, Thor’s apartment is downstage and we can see into Jeff and Marnie’s apartment through the picture windows.


Jeff Elbies Don Miller
Marnie Laura Elam
Robbie Stewart Doug Pusateri
Midge Stewart  Bonnie Jarvis
Lila Pat Saulnier
Thor Les Maurseth
Loomis Lee Henry
Thomas Doyle Roger Saulnier
Officer T. P. Hedren  Candy Miller

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