Retrospective: Theater in the Pines 2019

Retrospective: Theater in the Pines 2019

Best practices dictate that once a project is completed, one should look back and assess the outcome. What was done well, what things could use some improvement, and to determine what lessons can be learned from the experiences to be applied to future endeavors. So in that spirit I will recap some of the highlights of what I believe was learned from our 2019 season of Theater in the Pines.

We have learned that our audiences really enjoy a good “Who Done It” and we will incorporate more of this type of entertainment into our repertoire and make it available to more people.  (Mystery Dinner Theater)

We have validated that expert direction and outstanding acting by a veteran, stellar cast results in a highly successful stage production enjoyed by our audiences.  (Cahoots)

We have confirmed that kids have amazing inherent talents and given guidance, direction and generous resources they can do incredibly amazing things on stage. (Annie JR, Pinewood Players Drama Camp)

We learned that given the opportunity, many more folks than we may have imagined have a desire to step up and perform for their friends and neighbors as evidenced by all the new faces on stage this season. We also established that the friends and neighbors never tire of seeing them perform. (Reader’s Theater, “Cabaret Nights”)

We’ve learned that drama doesn’t only happen at the annual membership meetings. Pinewood Players can also do a darn fine job of presenting it on the Pinewood Playhouse stage! Add a lavish set and exceptional acting by a dedicated cast and voila, a one of kind theatrical event can be created. (A Delicate Balance)

We have learned that our members and audiences are generous, giving people who will rise to the occasion for a worthwhile cause. (2019 Pinewood Players Scholarship Program Fund Raisers)

We have reaffirmed that we have some of the most gifted and unselfish people on earth in our membership for which we are truly fortunate and so grateful. (All of our volunteers: actors, stage managers, light and sound operators,  set builders, set painters and dressers, ushers, housekeepers and maintenance, ticket sellers, drama camp workers, all committee chairpersons and committee members, board of directors and a host of other supporters who contribute to the success of this organization)

And finally, we confirmed that Munds Park audiences are loyal and sophisticated and that they can enjoy an occasional change of pace. You came out to support our productions even though this season’s plays were a departure from the usual lighthearted fare traditionally seen on the Pinewood Playhouse stage. We thank you for your support and for your loyalty.

Yes, in retrospect we learned some valuable lessons from the 2019 Theater in the Pines season. We will take this learning forward into our 30th Anniversary year to make our next season the best it can be with special stage productions, our traditional drama camp for the youngsters and special 30th anniversary celebratory events for the entire community. We’ll look forward to seeing you at all of our 2020 events!

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