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Theater in the Pines

The Weekenders Are Coming


Apr 23, 2021

The Weekenders are Coming! 

No, we’re not talking about our many friends and neighbors who join us on the weekends to experience fun in the pines. We are making a major Pinewood Players Drama Camp announcement!

Pinewood Players is proud to announce that the original musical revue “Cheers to 20 Years!” will be performed to professional live music accompaniment. 

We were excited when renowned valley music professional Jennifer Adams accepted our offer to be Music Director for the “Everyone’s a Star” Drama Camp and “Cheers to 20 Years!” original musical revue. However, we did not realize at the time that she came complete with her own musical ensemble! Jennifer, her husband Ken and their friend John Aranda have been playing the professional music scene in the valley for years.

The Weekenders: Ken Adams, Jennifer Adams, John Aranda

We have previously extolled Jennifer’s extensive professional music resume when we introduced her in January. She is the Music and Theater Arts Director at a private valley school, accomplished pianist, proprietor of her own voice and piano studio and an actress with extensive theatrical credits. Ken and John are both respected music teachers and well known professional musicians in valley musical theater venues. The trio is comprised of Jennifer on keyboard, Ken on bass and John on drums. Jennifer tells us that although they have performed together professionally for years, they had never formally named the group until we asked. She admitted that they had fun coming up with the name which we think is quite appropriate. They are all looking forward to helping us celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Pinewood Players Youth Drama Camps by providing the first ever professional live music accompaniment for a drama camp production! 

Professional live music accompaniment will differentiate our 2021 Drama Camp and performances from all others. What a unique experience for our young performers! Performing on stage in a theater with live musicians accompanying their songs and dances will be the highlight of their summer and the experiences of which memories are made. 

The official Drama Camp Registration packets were mailed in late February to all pre-registered families. Registrations are beginning to flow in from pre-registered campers. The deadline for registration is May 15, 2021 so don’t delay! Send your registration in today!

If you did not pre-register your child or grandchild you may still have an opportunity to enroll them in the camp if you act now. Go to www.pinewoodplayers.com and select Drama Camp in the main menu to access registration documents. Pre-registered campers will have first priority, but if there is still room for a few more campers at the deadline additional registrations will be accepted prioritized by date of receipt. So the sooner we receive the registration the more likely your youngster can be enrolled. Our goal is to accommodate as many campers as possible so mail your registration now.